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Animal Care Australia

Animal Care was established as an independant animal welfare organisation, by uniting experienced animal keepers, carers and breeders.

Animal Care Australia

The Client

Animal Care Australia is a daily source of updated news and information dedicated to fostering a harmonious coexistence with animals. Renowned for its commitment to transparent and informative discussions on animal care and veterinary practices, Animal Care Australia serves as a reliable guide for both passionate pet enthusiasts and industry professionals.

The platform stands out for its inclusive approach, delving into narratives that encompass a broad spectrum of animals, including pets, companion animals, farm animals, aquatics, exotics, and native wildlife. With a genuine interest in the well-being of all creatures, Animal Care Australia creates a space for sharing knowledge, promoting responsible pet ownership, and facilitating a deeper understanding of diverse animal species.

Animal Care Australia

The Challenge

Animal Care initially approached us regarding our Publisher Plus platform to embark on a platform refresh. The Animal Care team sought a partner with a proven track record and specific expertise in the publishing industry. Given a tight deadline, they required full confidence in their platform's ability to meet their clients' and users' needs.

Having experienced challenges related to site stability, page speed, and advertising delivery in the past, they were in search of a platform and a team they could rely on. Their key concerns included common advertising issues such as viewability, effective targeting, and reporting. This project's successful delivery was critical for their business, providing a solid foundation for their future growth plans.

Animal Care Australia

The Strategy

In line with our standard Publisher Plus projects, we initiated a series of design and scoping sessions with the Animal Care team. These sessions encompassed wireframing, user flow planning, and layout design. Subsequently, we undertook the site's reconstruction using modern tools, resulting in significantly reduced page sizes and a notably faster new site.

We maximised front-end performance, ensuring a swifter site and reducing future maintenance overhead as new features and updates become necessary.

Animal Care Australia

The Outcome

Given the project's stringent timeline, effective communication was essential. We collaborated closely with the Animal Care team, maintaining transparent project status updates for all stakeholders. This trust developed throughout the project empowered the Animal Care team to readily embrace our recommendations for implementation and process enhancements.

Animal Care Australia

The Impact

Since the launch of the redesigned Animal Care website, there has been a remarkable transformation in site performance. Site stability is no longer a concern, even when their articles go viral, and page loading times have been reduced substantially.

Notable improvements in advertising delivery across the site have substantially enhanced targeting capabilities and greatly improved viewability metrics. This not only benefits their advertisers but also prioritises the consent and experience of site visitors. We are optimistic that these enhancements will further boost audience engagement and subsequently lead to increased advertising revenue for the Animal Care team.

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